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Welcome to the next frontier of customer experience and business transformation! Introducing Movate Athena, a revolutionary generative AI platform for those with a vision for excellence.

Forward-thinking leaders will drive a new era of value creation, moving from digital operations to an AI-powered generative enterprise. Movate Athena is your ultimate partner to leverage the breadth of cutting-edge AI technologies to extend human potential and transcend customer experience. It is engineered with a modular approach to cater to the diverse needs of various industries, offered in an outcome-based model to transform your enterprise and drive real ROI.

Designed with precision and driven by co-innovation, Movate Athena is the game-changer you've been waiting for.


Empowering Transformation through Three Pillars


01 Expert Perspective for Customer Experience Mastery

Movate Athena isn't just another AI platform; it's your trusted advisor. Our approach is rooted in two decades of expertise, ensuring a sharp focus on driving customer experience to new heights. We understand your challenges, and we're here to provide insights that matter.


02 Modules for Next-Gen AI Solutions

Stay ahead of the innovation curve with Movate Athena. Its state-of-the-art AI modules are built on strong technology integrations and accelerators, freeing you from excessive technical details yet in control of your data and customization.


03 Future-Proof Managed Services for AI Excellence

Movate Athena offers more than transformative technology. We take full ownership by providing managed services for your AI charter through a co-innovation and co-creation approach. Seamlessly integrating generative AI with your operations, we ensure that your business remains at the forefront of excellence.

Top Generative AI Use Cases Powered by Movate Athena

Customer Experience

  • • Multi-lingual Customer Response Automation
  • • Proactive Self-help and Troubleshooting
  • • Advanced Intent-based Contact Routing
  • • Persona and Context-based Informational Interactions
  • • Personalized Product/ Service Recommendation

Employee Experience

  • • Agent/ Engineer Copilot for Proactive Assistance
  • • Automated Root Cause Analysis and Log Analytics
  • • Next Best Actions Recommendation
  • • Summarize Long Conversations and Case History
  • • Personalized Agent/ Engineer Training

Content and Data

  • • CSAT and NPS Analytics and Dashboards
  • • KPI and SLA Trends Analysis and Dashboards
  • • Real-time Language Translation
  • • Automated Knowledge Article Generation
  • • Content Readability Analysis

Business Enablement

  • • Personalized Campaigns & Content Development
  • • Customer Behavior and Sentiment Analysis
  • • Sales Risk and Churn Prediction
  • • Personalized Sales Enablement
  • • Product Descriptions Tailored to Customer

Unlock the Benefits: Innovation Meets Tangible Transformation

Disruptive technologies often promise the moon, but Movate Athena is all about delivering real results. With Movate Athena, you're choosing a path to success with tangible benefits:

Enhanced Customer Experience and Engagement

Movate Athena’s humanized interactions redefine customer engagement. Infusing authenticity into digital conversations drives empathy and personalization. Our initial engagements have shown a remarkable 10-15% increase in Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores, highlighting the success of Movate Athena's natural language capabilities.

Operational Efficiency and
Cost Savings

Embrace the future with confidence as Movate Athena enables seamless deflection of 50% of contact volumes from voice to digital interactions, enhancing efficiency and user satisfaction. The efficiency gains translate into a potential 26% cost benefit in CX operations-a substantial achievement in the current economic climate.

Revenue Surge and Reduced Churn

Watch your business flourish as Movate Athena drives customer acquisition and retention strategies. With its data-driven insights, experience up to a 36% increase in customer acquisition, opening new horizons for your business and a 16% reduction in customer churn, preserving your hard-earned relationships.

Empowered Workforce

As your agent/ engineer’s copilot, Movate Athena analyzes, summarizes, presents, and recommends all the relevant information on a smart dashboard, reducing average handle times by nearly 18%. Based on our internal deployments, it can bring about a remarkable 35-40% improvement in employee productivity, fostering a more motivated and efficient workforce.

Differentiators that Set
Movate Athena Apart

Precise Insights and Expertise

Movate Athena is more than an AI deployment. We tap into our wealth of experience to bring you insightful guidance that's attuned to your industry's specific challenges, driving CX in ways that generic solutions can't match.

Humanized Interactions in the Digital Realm

Technology with a heart – that's Movate Athena’s promise. It offers humanized interactions through advanced NLP and sentiment analysis. Engage your customers in conversations that feel natural, fostering genuine connections that transcend traditional AI exchanges.

Swift Adaptation, Swift Solutions

Movate Athena's fast learning models and accelerators adapt to client preferences in the blink of an eye. This adaptability translates to quicker and more accurate solutions like you have never seen before.

Outcome Ownership for Futureproofing

Your business outcomes are more than our KPIs; they are our commitment. Movate Athena modules are offered in an outcome-based model that ensures value realization over the engagement horizon and assured ROI on your technology investments.

Enterprise-Grade Secure Platform

Movate Athena is an enterprise-grade secure platform that employs the latest security and governance protocols. Your data's integrity and confidentiality are paramount to us, ensuring you can harness the power of generative AI with unwavering confidence.


In the highly competitive telecom world, customer service plays a pivotal role in maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. Read how a leading telecom company reduced its cost of service by 27% and managed volume peaks with the combined power of generative AI and gig experts.

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